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We are the Harlan/Tucker Band. A country, rock, blues-rock, and southern rock band originating 6 years ago in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. We are a 6 piece band with strong roots, all steeped deep in classic rock, classic country, blues rock and southern rock music. We are all well-seasoned, polished, professional working musicians. We drew from all our combined and varied influences to create our signature sound consisting of the incomparable Rita Tucker on lead vocals, reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, and even Miranda Lambert vocal styles. There’s the hard-hitting, mind bending lead guitar shredding of Harlan Fitzherbert, who’s another front vocal person as well as adding solid rhythm guitar. In the back-line we have, hailing from Atlanta Georgia, Charles Japhe, slappin’ the bass, and Terry Kates, our Berklee school of music grad, holdin’ it down on percussion with flawless precision. We feature two other lead instruments. There’s fiddle by the classically trained Craig Hawkins of Binghamton New York, re-creating the energetic sounds of the Charlie Daniels bands’ classics, and the incredible perfection of our keyboardist, Geraldine Patire, lending any type of style required to add the finishing touch to the overall full mix. We feel we’ve come up with this successful formula that keeps us working, keeps our fans coming out, and keeps your feet stomping throughout the show every year!

Harlan Fitzherbert
picture of Harlan Fitzherbert
Guitar and lead vocals
Rita Tucker
picture of Rita Tucker
Lead vocals
Charles Japhe
picture of Charles Japhe
Terry Kates
picture of Terry Kates
Percussion & backup vocals
Craig Hawkins
picture of Craig Hawkins
Geraldine Patire
picture of Geraldine Patire
Keyboard and backup vocals